Does climate change affect the ocean?
Our ocean is made up of five different bodies of water, named the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Southern, and the Arctic. These bodies of water are very important to our lives, and are commonly referred to as oceans themselves, since they're so large. The ocean is a lot of fun, and it helps keep us alive. The Earth is made up of 2/3 water, and the ocean, made up of the five bodies of water and other small places, give us more than half of the oxygen we breathe.

The ocean also absorbs more than 50x the amount of CO2 than our atmosphere does. As we have learned, too much CO2 can cause lots of problems. Since the ocean absorbs so much of it, its waters are changing and the majority of plants and animals that live in the different waters are struggling.
Geogie the Lobster is here to teach you about it. She'll refer to the different bodies of waters as "oceans" herself, because it is easier than saying "bodies of water" every time. Click below to start!
Georgie gave us some great information about climate change from her travels. It's important to know the effects humans are having on the ocean and the environment. Animals are depending on us to change our behavior so they can live. But the ocean is not important only to different animals - it's really important to us, too.
The melting ice is causing sea levels to go up, which could mean that some places on the coast, or different islands, will all be gone and turned back into ocean. The ocean also has a lot of effect on our weather. If it warms up and rises, that could mean very different and more dangerous weather.